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Just a place where I like to throw up my life into one place. A hobby that I hope will turn into something more. Although I think it kind of has already lol.

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GONNA SEE CHVRCHES AGAIN THIS TIME IN TERMINAL 5 On Sunday! Fri Sat Tickets sold out Sunday Tickets should still be available last time I checked. Pretty Dope. Super Stoked. 

So my friend who’s coming with me doesn’t know anything about them So I attached a couple of things to get her acquainted. I figged I’d share it ♥
Offical Page is Here:

Some Funfacts are here:

Sound Cloud is Here:
     a lot of good remixes and covers here. look out for the haim & whitney houstons cover

They even covered Lorde on Youtizzle:

CHVRCHES!!! Can’t wait to see you guys again!!!! 

Mobium V2 & My old V1’s

Mobium V2 & My old V1’s

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue

Parkour Parkour! with Party Boy and I. lol

Parkour Parkour! with Party Boy and I. lol

I put a 6 year old to tears…

I let her win twice in Marvel vs Capcom 2 already, and she got really big headed. The handicap was 1 vs 5. And then she said “uncle rob I’m going to cry if I lose” 
"Sorry,… If I win, I’m going to win. You can’t win everytime, you just have to keep trying until you win again. blah blah mushy explanation" 

Cause that’s life. I don’t want some kid thinking you can get whatever you want if you cry. I always look like the bad guy because of this, but I don’t want children thinking that life is served to you in a silver platter if you cry.

She didn’t cry that bad though, she was tough about it :3 sad. but didn’t go crying to daddy lol. thank god. 

Love Letters - Metronomy

Love Letters - Metronomy

KatsuDoooon I miss eating you ♥

KatsuDoooon I miss eating you ♥

—YACHT - Second Summer (RAC Mix)

I wish summer was here already :< getting tired of this New Jersey Snow.
[download here]

Thoughts on the a99

So I just got the Sony a99 (latest Full Frame DSLT by sony).. and I feel like I have more photographical freedom. If that’s even a word. I know this technology to handle high ISO’s has been around for so long, but now it’s finally in my hands. And now I feel it. The urge to shoot more.

I thought me truckin it with my a900 would be fine and we’d be a tag team for life. But indoor lighting with my 85 f/1.4 ZA & 16-35 f/2.8 ZA was too limiting. The second I got on ISO 1600 my pictures were barely usable… I feel like I can push harder now and feel more confident in handling situations where a small amount of light is all I needed. 

I tell everyone starting, to get any camera they feel comfortable with. Whatever takes pictures is the camera they should learn on. But mann. I hope they stick around for the long run because this high ISO control. Having more freedom to push f-stops and shutter at night and indoors. Really feels niice. 

I’ve had the a900 for 3 years, and it’s a model thats 6 years old now. Still taking pictures, still kicking ass. Now i’m really looking forward to my time with the a99 and tag teaming it with the a900 when the time comes :P. Hip Hip Hooray! Huzzah!

&#8230;the Daytime of the Night! it&#8217;s fun pushing ISO&#8217;s this was ISO 8000 i believe. go a99! go!

…the Daytime of the Night! 

it’s fun pushing ISO’s this was ISO 8000 i believe. go a99! go!

Just got the a99!!! and i’m really excited to do videos with this bad boy :D :D :D